Railway Line between Bulgaria's Plovdiv

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Railway Line between Bulgaria's Plovdiv

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Railway Line between Bulgaria's Plovdiv, Septemvri due in 2015

January 20, 2014, Monday // 14:41

The construction of the railway line connecting the Southern town of Septemvri to the city of Plovdiv will be officially launched on Tuesday.

The sod-turning ceremony will take place on Tuesday and will be attended by Bulgarian Transport Minister Danail Papazov, according to a statement of the Transport Ministry.

The official launch of construction works will take place at the railway station in Stamboliyski with the section connecting Pazardzhik to Stamboliyski worth around BGN 66 M, VAT included.

This is the last railway project funded under the "Transport" Operational Program for the period 2007-2013.

The railway line is to be completed by October 2015, after which trains will be able to develop a speed of 160km/h.

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Re: Railway Line between Bulgaria's Plovdiv

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This is rehabilitation (or renovation) of existing tracks, not new construction.
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