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Ural Locomotives unveils twin-section AC 11201

12 Sep 2013

Ural Locomotives unveiled a pre-series AC 11201 electric freight locomotive at the Expo 1520 trade show in Moscow on September 12.

The locomotive has been produced at the Siemens-Sinara joint venture’s plant near Yekaterinburg using traction equipment from Siemens, and it is designed for operation on AC networks throughout the 1520 region. The twin-section, eight-axle locomotive has already completed 5 000 km of test running at the Russian Railways test centre at Shcherbinka; it is capable of hauling trains of up to 9 000 tonnes, Siemens says.

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Gas fuelled turbine-electric locomotive prototype

06 Oct 2013


Sinara’s Lyudinovsky plant has produced a prototype natural gas fuelled turbine-electric locomotive, using components of a TEM7A.

The twin-section Do’Do’+Do’Do’ designated GT1h-002 is rated at 8·3 MW and has a maximum speed of 100 km/h. One section contains the gas turbine supplied by Kuznecov which drives an electrical generator from YeTM Privod, while the second section contains the LNG tanks supplied by Uralkriomash and fuel systems from Kriomash BZKM.

RZD has previously tested GT1h-001 (originally designated GT1), an experimental natural gas turbine locomotive designed by the All-Russian Scientific Research & Design Engineering Institute and assembled at Voronezh locomotive works in 2007 using the bogies and underframe of an electric locomotive.

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From Ruskin to Russia

07 Oct 2013

Anglia Ruskin University in the UK is to provide management training for senior staff at Russian Railways in co-operation with consultancy Knowledge Associates Cambridge.

The agreement signed in August, will see Anglia Ruskin’s Ashcroft International Business School work with RZD’s Corporate University to develop a joint learning plan for courses covering ‘project management, cost and revenue generation, risk management, innovation management and efficient decision-making’.

The programme is to be delivered to the most senior staff in English by Anglia Ruskin academics through simultaneous translation, but the next tier of RZD management will be taught in Russian at the group’s in-house university at the Shcherbinka research centre near Moscow.

KAC worked with RZD to select the most appropriate academic partner for the training programme, having worked with the RZD corporate university for more than two years.

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